Metacognition and Philosophical Discussions


  • Hreinn Palsson


Introduction:  In this paper I will focus on how discussions and questioning can relate to metacognition.  First, I will contrast the discussion method with the lecture method of instruction.  Second, I will consider how questions are typically used by teachers and what alternatives we have to questioning, according to J.T. Dillon.  Third, I will move beyond Dillon by showing how questioning can be used in a positive and constructive manner in metacognitive training (cf. Raphael and Palinscar).  Fourth, I will try to support the assumption that "philosophy" is especially well fitted for instruction that aims at awakening students' awareness of the metacognitive aspects of their thinking.  "Philosophy" is neither meant to represent a particular school of philosophy nor the teachings of a particular philosopher, the emphasis is on philosophy as "good thinking in dialogue."  This will be done be a thorough introduction to the Philosophy for Children program by Lipman.


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