Philosophy for Children: A Vehicle for Promoting Democracy in Guatemala


  • A. Gray Thompson
  • Eugenio Echeverria


Introduction:  The Central American country of Guatemala committed itself to democratic values and processes in its election of December, 1985.  Guatemala, like most other Central American countries, has been through the dictator-constitution-election revolving door many times.  For almsot half a century, Guatemala has been afflicted with coups, general-presidents and dictator-presidents.  Again, in 1985, Guatemala created a new constitution with provision for democratic presidential elections monitored and declared "democratic" by a score of other nations.  The new president, Vinicio Cerezo, and his Minister of Education, Eduardo Meyer Maldonado, emphasized that the elementary school, the only formal educational institution attended by the majority of Guatemalans, must provide those learning experiences required to develop, to nourish and to sustain democracy in Guatemala.


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