Notes from the Field: Philosophy for Children and Art Workshops


  • Nurşah Yılmaz
  • Yılmaz Murat Bilican


Introduction: Our paths crossed seven years ago when we had recently adopted the P4C (Philosophy for Children) method as philosophy teachers. Our shared enthusiasm for P4C resulted in collaborative development and facilitation of different workshops. In Izmir, where we reside, we became involved in workshops organized by the local government on weekends. These programs were specifically tailored for children aged 7-10, particularly those residing in underserved areas. The Ministry of National Education does not have any pedagogical approach related to Philosophy Education for Children. Consequently, our efforts in this area rely solely on collaboration with municipalities or non-governmental organizations. We initiated introductory meetings to elucidate the P4C method, aiming to integrate it into the activity programs organized by municipalities for children. Subsequently, the municipality coordinated the involvement of volunteer students and provided meeting venues using its internal resources. This enabled us to conduct P4C Workshops consistently every weekend for a period of three years. Concurrently teaching in schools and participating in these workshops as facilitators, we found immense inspiration in the children's eagerness and passion for active engagement. After depleting the widely available stimuli resources in our workshops, we soon found ourselves in need of fresh materials. Turning our attention to children's literature, both in Turkish and translations from other languages, we engaged in an intensive reading initiative. From this exploration, we carefully curated a selection of approximately 40 children's books to incorporate into our investigations. Creating content for philosophical inquiry, we had the opportunity to apply most of these selections. Driven by the aspiration to share our insights with a broader audience, we compiled our work into a book, which was published in 2019.




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