Article Submission Guidelines

Articles should be no shorter than 5000 and no longer than 9000 words in length including references, tables, figures, appendices, etc. Articles should be submitted to the chief editor (Jason Howard) by email, attached as a single word file, providing the name of the author(s) and title of the work in the email text. Articles must be prepared for anonymous ‘blind-review’ with author’s name removed from the submission and any internal scholarly references should be framed in the 3rd person where direct identification is eliminated.  Articles should follow a standardized reference format APA, MLA, or Chicago using endnotes rather than footnotes, and include a brief abstract (250 words max.)

Book Review Submission Guidelines
AT&PP welcomes thoughtful reviews between 2000 and 5000 words that engage recent work judged by the reviewer to be informative of the journal’s scope, including works of non-fiction and fiction that may be of use in the classroom, exploring policy or pedagogical theory. Interested reviewers should contact the chief editor (Jason Howard).