Notes from the Field: Philosophy on the Radio and the Little Thinkers Society


  • Özge Özdemir


This article is about a radio program called Little Thinkers Society that has been running for five years with children at Açık Radyo, an independent radio station in Istanbul. The radio program's goal is to engage children in philosophical inquiries on various questions and concepts and to share their voices with a wider audience. The article provides detailed information on how the radio program was created, planned, and executed. It also presents quantitative data to demonstrate the program's impact, and qualitative reports to evaluate its effect on children, educators, and the broader community. The article evaluates how Little Thinkers Society, which brings the philosophy for/with children sessions held in the classroom to the radio studio, contributes to the development of children's critical and creative thinking abilities, along with caring and collaborative social skills.
Keywords: Matthew Lipman, Philosophy for/with Children, P4/wC, Açık Radio, Little Thinkers Society, a radio show with children.




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