Philosophy, Children and the Culture of Rationality


  • John C. Thomas


Introduction:  Having been involved in the Philosophy For Children program for several years now as a philosopher/teacher trainer, I often have had the occasion to reflect upon my experience.  While conduction "Philosophy for Children" workshops, I have discovered that one of the great joys of that process has been the way in which teachers have so often responded to the material.  It has come as quite a surprise to me that after some initial hesitance, the teachers become enthusiastically involved in the dialogues which take place in the workshop process.  Perhaps this shouldn't surprise me, but it does.  I have even found it somewhat confusing because, as a philosopher, I am used to the idea of being thought esoteric, divorced from reality and not really concerned with matters of everyday importance.  But here is a case in which others, too, are discovering that it is not only permissible to talk about philosophical ideas, but actually encouraged.  It was a surprise to me to discover that people do want to think about philosophical ideas.


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