Can A Blind Woman Be Just?


  • Brian Lamb


Introduction:  When Fran, Mark, and Sandy enter the rotunda of the courthouse, they find a statue of Justice.  They discuss the fact that she is blindfolded, "I've never understood why she's blindfolded," Fran remarked . . . "I think it's to show she's impartial," said Sandy.  "She concentrates on just the merits of the case.  All other differences don't count, as far as she's concerned."  "Hun!" Mark grunted.  Then he added, "If you can't see what the differences are, how can you be sure they're not relevant?  Boy, it would seem to me, if there's any area where you've got to take everything into account, it's the administration of justice!" (Mark: 6, iii, 34ff.)


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