The Baseball Game


  • Betty Kata


Introduction:  The controvery sparked by Mickey during "The Baseball Game" leads to inquiry regarding the nature of fairness and right.  With players on first and third, two out, and Lisa due up to bat, Mickey decides to bat in her place.  This immediately causes members of the other team to protest, citing several reasos as their justification.  First, Fran claims that Mickey is being unfair in denying Lisa her turn at bat which she has a right to as a player of the game.  Sandy offers two reasons, both of which regard violations of the rules of softball; Mickey is batting out of order, and he is batting twice in the same line-up.  Finally, Tony insists that "rules are rules," meaning that if there are prescribed rules for a game they must be followed by all participants.  Mickey retorts that, as owner of the equipment, it is his game (as well as Bill's and Sandy's) so he can make the rules.  The tension is not resolved (neither side offering to come over to the other), and the game breaks up when Mickey takes his glove and walks off the field, followed by Bill with his softball and Sandy with his bat.


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