Review of “Academic Philosophy: An Uncommonly Creative, Imaginative and Challenging Curriculum”

  • Richard Morehouse


Introduction: This series of books and accompanying guides as a group are labeled “Academic Philosophy: and Uncommonly Creative, Imaginative & Challenging Curriculum” in the promotional brochure. Sharon Kaye is the author of the series but there are two different illustrators. Jordon Novak illustrates Question Mark, Theo Rising, and Mark and Theo make their case and Christopher Tice illustrates the rest of the series. The first three sets of teacher materials are labeled Teacher Manual, while the last three sets of teacher materials are called Philosophical Curriculum Guidebooks. Each set of materials for the teacher is also labeled levels, A through F. As the included brochure states, the alphabetic labeling is provided for flexibility when using these materials in different grade levels, for example A (ages 5 and up), B (ages 6 and up), and so on.