Book Review: Tinker Thinkers

  • Richard Morehouse


Introduction: While intended for young readers, this colorfully and cleverly illustrated book with a downloadable APP, is nonetheless a rigorous examination of philosophical themes written in an interactive and conversational style. Those of you who are familiar with Professor Gardner’s Thinking your way to freedom: a guide to owning your own practical reasoning (2009) will find much of the same playfulness, coupled with thoughtful examples and clear-headed thinking, that can be found in her more academic work. Amy Leask is a developer of APPs. On her webpage she identifies herself as a writer, educator and everyday philosopher. Her website Kids think about it: philosophy for kids is one of the ways she engages with young and not-so-young folks. Both authors have invested much time engaging with and encouraging thinkers of all ages and walks of life, something that shines through in their book.