Book Review: Addressing Tensions and Dilemmas in Inclusive Education: Living with Uncertainty

  • Paula Hamilton


Introduction: The main theme of ‘Addressing Tensions and Dilemmas in Inclusive Education’ is the theoretical examination of the philosophical tensions and complexities associated with the provision of inclusive education for children and young people with disabilities and learning difficulties. A contemporary mix of concepts, values and boundaries, the field of inclusion is complex and highly contested (Boyle and Topping, 2012; Westwood, 2013). Brahm Norwich, a Professor of Educational Psychology and Special Educational Needs (SEN) at the University of Exeter in the UK, is an established writer in this field. Unlike many books of its genre, this text goes beyond a descriptive account of the ideological values of inclusive education and how learners with disabilities and learning difficulties can be supported. Much of Norwich’s work is aimed at the critical exploration of ambiguities and tensions, bridging a gap within extant literature.