Where did Einstein's Ideas Come From?

  • Janette Poulton


Introduction: In this article I will discuss my work with undergraduate 'non-philosophers' at Royal Melbourne University of Technology. Students enrol in courses such as engineering, accountancy, nursing, fine arts, etc., and in addition must complete four of the subjects offered by the Context Curriculum Unit, which has employed me as a philosopher teaching the subjects Moral Issues in a Scientific Age, Tradition and Change, Search for Meaning and Culture and Creativity since 1988. This Unit was established in 1986 to assist students in meeting international standards of professional behaviour, and avowedly to helpproduce graduates who are knowledga-ble, creative, critical, responsible and employa-ble. Since 1991 I have been using strategies I have acquired working with practitioners of Philosophy for Children in various educational contexts as a means of achieving these ends.