A Revolution in the Classroom, A Review of Una Otra Mirada: Ninas y Ninos pensando en America Latina

  • James Rogers


Introduction: "Today, children", a teacher announces, "we are going to draw a picture". As one child excitedly imagines what he will draw, he is told that they will be drawing flowers. As he imagines the flower he will create, he is then told that a flower has a red bud and a straight, green stem. When he changes schools the following year and the teacher announces that the class will be drawing a picture, he awaits instruction. When he is told that the only guidelines are the limits of his imagination, he draws a flower with a red bud and a straight, green stem. Are reality and truth absolute, or historical and contextual, that is to say, pluralistic? In the same light, is there one or are there many ways to do philosophy?